Wound Dressings

Negative pressure dressings (VAC) Our nurses are trained in the use of the two most widely used NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) systems in the country manufactured by Molnlycke and KCI.

Molnlycke’s Avance system helps prevent unnecessary pain and skin trauma. Avance Film with Safetac and Mepiseal® sealant with Safetac help protect the periwound area against maceration, prevent skin stripping at dressing changes, and help prevent the formation of painful blisters. Avance is lightweight and portable, and comes with a docking station for easy recharging. The same pump is used in hospital and at home. The Avance kit comes complete with everything you need for less painful NPWT. The choice of foam and gauze gives you the flexibility to treat all wounds.

KCI’s ActiV.A.C. is designed to be a completely portable NPWT product for patients at home or in the process of being discharged from a clinical environment. The System uses an intelligent therapy unit to deliver controlled negative (sub-atmospheric) pressure to the wound site. Special foam dressings, applied to the wound site, ensure that fluid is continuously drawn away from the wound and SensaT.R.A.C.™ Technology manages the equal distribution of pressure across the wound area.